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What you can do on Trekapt

With you can buy and sell Products and Services safely without the risk of being scammed. We have hundreds of verified Vendors to choose from in the Shop. Truly secure payments.

How It Works

1. Buying on Trekapt

To buy on Trekapt, you need an account. Which you can create here.

Go to the shop page here: and find the products/services you want. Add to cart and go to the checkout page.

Fill in your details as required and click on Place Order.

Click the “place order” button. You will be redirected to paynow. Choose your payment method. Enter your name and contact number. Click make payment and pay.

After a successful payment, you will be redirected back to Trekapt and your order will be automatically marked as paid. Wait for vendor to fulfil your order/contact you.

2. Selling on Trekapt

We implemented a multi vendor system where anyone can sell their products on the platform. Users can can be safe from scams since we (the admin) will hold the payment until order is complete.

If you want to be a vendor, simply click “Register as a vendor” on account signup or you can visit this link: If you already have an account, you can upgrade yourself to a Vendor from the My Account page.

On vendor setup page, you can enter your bank account/Ecocash details for payouts. You can also skip that and set it up latter. Please keep in mind that for every sale you make, we will charge 10% commission. To protect users, you can only request a withdrawal after fulfilling the order.

3. Wallet system

We created this wallet so that Trekapt users can send each other money on the platform free of charge, so that they can use the balance to purchase products/servicesin the shop .

Adding money to your account is free of charge. Click on Account Top Up, complete your order and funds will be automatically credited to your wallet. If you are having any challenges, you can get in touch with us on WhatsApp/Telegram.

Sending money to other users is free(You will need their email address-which they used to register on Withdrawing Trekapt wallet funds to your Bank/Ecocash/Ecocash wallet costs 5% of the amount (to cover for transfer fees) Click here for more about how to withdraw or you can just contact me.

Trusted Vendors

Our Vendors are verified and various measures are in place to protect YOU, the customer. For example, payments cannot be made directly to the vendor. Admin keeps funds until the order is complete. Have any Questions? Click the link below to join our Telegram Group.

Verified Traders

Paynow Verified Merchant

Trekapt is a Paynow Verified Merchant – Truly Secure Payment!

Trekapt paynow verified merchant

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