Frequently Asked Questions By Customers

How to buy on Trekapt?

 To buy on Trekapt, you need an account. Which you can create here. https://trekapt.co.zw/my-account-2/

 Go to the shop page here: https://trekapt.co.zw/shop and find the products/services you want. Add to cart and go to the checkout page.

 Fill in your details as required and click on Place Order.

 Click the “place order” button. You will be redirected to Paynow. Choose your payment method. Enter your name and contact number. Click make payment and pay.

How to deposit into my Trekapt wallet

To deposit into your Trekapt Wallet, Login to your Account.
Go to My Account
Click My Wallet
Then Wallet Topup
Enter the amount you want to deposit into your wallet and Click add
Fill in your details and complete checkout
Complete the payment and when we receive your funds, they will be automatically credited.

How to withdraw from my Trekapt Wallet

To withdraw form your Trekapt account, login and navigate to MY Account.

Click on My Wallet

Click on Withdraw at the bottom

Before you can Withdraw, you need to enter your Bank/Ecocash Account/Ecocash wallet address to receive the funds we will be sending you.

Go back to the Withdraw request tab and enter the amount you would like to withdraw. Click Submit request. We will send your ZWL (RTGS) as soon as possible after receiving your withdrawal request.

Frequently Asked Questions by Vendors

When can i withdraw funds from sales?

You will be allowed to withdraw funds after fulfilling the order. All orders that are marked as completed will be displayed on the withdraw page. Tick them and click request withdrawal. A Notification will be sent to the admin and the admin will approve the withdrawal request. We may contact you to verify your Bank/Ecocash/Ecocash wallet details if required.

How to add a product or service to my store

To add a product or service to your store,
Log into your store dashboard from this page: https://zwl.trekapt.co.zw/my-account-2/
Go to products>>Add new from the menu on your left
For downloadable products, tick the “downloadable” option otherwise leave those fields unticked
Enter your product title
Enter price in ZWL (RTGS)
To your right, click the picture icon to upload product image
Write a short description about your product or service
Choose your product or service’s category to your right
Write a full description if you want under description
Under inventory tab at the bottom, tick “manage stock” option if you have a limited number of those products in stock and enter the number under “Stock Qty” (Stock Quantity)
If its a downloadable product, click the downloadable tab and upload the file.
Explore and fill the other fields like shipping, policies etc if you want
When you are done, click the submit button.

How to withdraw my earnings

Vendors can now withdraw their earnings after fulfilling the order.

To withdraw,
Log into your store dashboard
Go to payments (left menu )
Click on withdrawal (top right)
All the orders that are completed will appear there. Mark the orders whose earnings you want to withdraw

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